The Clark County Fair Mounted Patrol

RCC: Please give a little background or history on your business, and describe the business/services.

The Clark County Fair Mounted Patrol was formed in 1975. Originally known as “The Fence Riders”, the group was formed to patrol the fence lines of the Clark County Fair. At the time the group was formed, their main duty was to discourage fairgoers from jumping the fence to gain free admission to the fair. Present day CCFMP members still keep a keen eye on the fences surrounding the fair, however their duties have expanded. The CCFMP not only aids in parking lot security as the eyes and ears for the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, but also serves as ambassadors for the fairgoers. Often the members of the CCFMP assist fairgoers in finding their cars, helping with traffic flow and occasionally searching for lost keys or phones accidentally dropped by a fairgoer in the parking lot. Through the years, the CCFMP has become an iconic part of the fair experience. A member of the CCFMP is easy to spot. They are dressed in red shirts, adorned with a white hat and sit astride a horse in the parking lot. CCFMP members and their horses often pose for fairgoers to take selfies. It is safe to say the CCFMP members and their horses enhance the fair experience for all.

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The Clark County Fair Mounted Patrol is very proud to host and help with events that help our community learn and thrive. We are honored and very proud to bring to our community, an event that is now known as The Trailer Rodeo. It was created by the members of the CCFMP to bring awareness and education to the realm of driving with a trailer. Initially this was intended for the equine community, however it is open to boaters and owners of all trailers. The intention of our group is to create a safe place for the community to have their trailers inspected for safety, receiving tips and tricks to improve the safety of their trailer as well as what to look for each time they hook up to a trailer. We also provide a few hours of one-on-one training out on a course that is set up to teach cornering and backing maneuvers. This event has proven to be successful in helping those that are brand new to trailering and those with experience that would like more confidence.

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In addition to working the fair and hosting the Trailer Rodeo every year, present day CCFMP members also volunteer to assist other events such as: - Winter Woolies Horse Show (parking) - WA State Horse Expo (parking) - Portland Rose Parade (equine staging and safety) - Special Kids Rodeo at the Clark County Fair - Event parking assistance at the Saddle Club - Santa’s Posse (wrapping/sorting/parking and deliveries)

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The CCFMP has a community presence in local parades: - Long Beach Loyalty Parade - Hazel Dell Parade of Bands - Portland Rose Parade - Woodland Planter’s Day Parade - Ridgefield 4th of July Parade - Amboy Territorial Days Parade - Battle Ground Harvest Day Parade - LaCenter Our Day’s Parade - Vancouver Veteran’s Day Parade

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