How to get involved

Get involved with the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce, foster valuable connections, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the local business environment.

Getting involved with the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce is a fantastic way to connect with local businesses, professionals, and the community. Below are a few suggestions on how you can become an active member of the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce.


Visit the Chamber’s Website and Become a Member:

Start by visiting the Calendar page of the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce’s website. On this website you can familiarize yourself with the Chambers mission, goals, and events. The website contains information on how to join and the benefits of becoming a member.


Attend Chamber Events:

Keep an eye on upcoming events hosted by the Chamber. Attending networking events, workshops, and seminars is a great opportunity to meet other members, exchange ideas, and learn about the local business landscape.

Here is a list of our monthly standing events:

  • Coffee Connections meets every Friday 7:30am to 8:30am at Lava Java located at 2 S 56th Pl Ste 102, Ridgefield, WA 98642. This is an informal networking event. Typically, there is at least one special guest from Chamber Board, City Official, Planning Commission, Public Works, Port of Ridgefield, the Mayor, or the Ridgefield Police in attendance to join in the conversation and answer questions. There is no charge for this event.
  • Wine-Down Wednesday meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month 4pm to 6pm at a rotating location. Check our Calendar for the location of the next Wine Down Wednesday location. Wine Down Wednesday is an informal event with area business professionals, leaders, and other community members with the objective of social networking while visiting a featured local winery or food establishment. There is no charge for this event.
  • Monthly Chamber Members Meeting meets on the last Tuesday of each month from 11:30AM to 1PM at BevRidge Public. BevRidge Public is located at 4315 S Settler Dr., Suite 100 in Ridgefield. The meeting starts promptly at noon.  You can come in person or join on Zoom.  If you attend in person, we encourage you to arrive no later than 11:30am to enjoy lunch during the meeting. We have a featured speaker and reserve time for announcements and elevator introductions for all attendees.

Upcoming City Events

Want to be involved?  There are many volunteer opportunities to help make these events happen.

Join Committees:

Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce has several committees focused on specific areas such as events, marketing, finance, and membership. Joining a committee allows you to actively contribute to the Chamber’s initiatives and make a meaningful impact. If you would like to join a committee please Contact Us.


Volunteer for Chamber Activities:

Offer your time and skills by volunteering for Chamber activities and events. Whether it’s helping with event planning, registration, or logistics, volunteering is a hands-on way to support the Chamber and build relationships with other members.


Take Advantage of Membership Benefits:

Explore the various benefits offered to Chamber members. This may include exclusive networking opportunities, business promotion, access to resources, and discounts on Chamber events. Understanding these perks enhances your overall experience as a member.


Promote Your Business:

Leverage the Chamber to promote your business within the community. Attend ribbon-cutting ceremonies for new members, showcase your products or services at Chamber events, and take advantage of advertising opportunities provided by the Chamber.  Volunteering to help man the Chamber booth at First Saturdays Farmers Market is a great way to hand out SWAG and information about your business by leveraging you association with the Chamber.


Stay Informed:

Stay informed about local business news, updates, and relevant information through the Chamber’s communication channels. This could include newsletters, social media, or our Monthly Members Meeting. Being informed keeps you engaged and aware of opportunities.


Connect on Social Media:

Follow the Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce on social media platforms. Engage with posts, share your insights, and connect with other members online. Social media is a powerful tool for networking and staying involved in the Chamber’s activities.


Sponsor Chamber Events:

If your budget allows, consider sponsoring one of the Ridgefield Chambers events. This not only supports the organization but also provides visibility for your business. Sponsorship opportunities often come with additional benefits, such as logo placement and recognition. One great opportunity is helping with the Great Pie Giveaway the Chamber holds at the November Wine Down Wednesday event.


Refer Other Businesses:

Actively refer other businesses to join the Chamber. Building a strong network benefits everyone involved, and by recommending the Chamber to other businesses, you contribute to the growth and success of the local business community.